Thyael - Warrior, Protection

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Re: Thyael | Protection Warrior

by Thyael » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:16 am

Mehetabel wrote:Hey Thyael, very nice app!
Thank you! Already a kind impression from one Easy's members :D
I remember Born of Ashes. :)
They were, in a word some of its members used often, pro. All in all, fond memories of my short time with them.
I'm sure an officer will be along shortly! :)
They did. You were right!
Liria wrote:Hey Thyael,
This is a very nice application indeed :) any friend of a friend is always welcome among us.
Speak to any of the officers online to get a guild invitation.
Thank you :D I'll hit up one of you when I get home tonight.

P.S. the links to my other characters' armories are missing /simple at the end of the URL which explains the 404. Can't edit it anymore. My bad.

Re: Thyael | Protection Warrior

by Liria » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:25 am

Hey Thyael,
This is a very nice application indeed :) any friend of a friend is always welcome among us.
Speak to any of the officers online to get a guild invitation.

Re: Thyael | Protection Warrior

by Mehetabel » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:02 am

Hey Thyael, very nice app! I remember Born of Ashes. :)

I'm sure an officer will be along shortly! :)

Thyael - Warrior, Protection

by Thyael » Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:39 am

  1. Character name: Thyael
  2. Class: Warrior
  3. Mainspec: Protection
  4. Offspec (do you actively play your offspec and do you have any experience raiding with your offspec?): No (not yet)
  5. Battletag: NBlitz#2314
  6. Armory link:
    Thyael's Armory
  1. Name: Alexander
  2. Age (approximately): Almost 34
  3. Country:The Netherlands (not born here)
  4. Tell us something about yourself (hobbies or anything else you want to share with us)
    Watching/listening to a ton of videos on YouTube (American politics, gaming, music, PC hardware, nutrition and more).
    Watching anime from time to time.
    Hitting the gym several times a week.
  1. Why do you like playing this specific class and spec?
    I have always had a fascination with shields. The look of them (the bigger the better). What they signify (I'll take on these enemies for you).
    And for the longest of time I wanted to play a plated class in WoW. I used to play with some incredible warriors back in the day and I always looked at them in awe. They looked cool (most of the time hehe) and were doing something over there in the front of us keeping the enemies at bay.
    I kept playing more magically inclined characters or stealthy/agile characters so for once I wanted to get out of my comfort zone as I figured that would be even more fun for me.
    Also: yelling obscenities at enemies (attack *me* you big oaf!)
    My playstyle always leaned more towards protecting others. Even when I was playing as a DD. My eye was always on the safety of (first) the healer and then the other party/raid members.
    Initially after coming back I played a bear (also level 110). Its tanking style wasn't much to my liking but I have no such problems with warrior. It has enough to keep me busy.
  2. What class/role specific resources do you read or use to improve your gameplay? (websites, blogs, etc)
    I've been poring over Icy Veins, YouTube videos and whatever WoW related website I stumble upon. I could look for more tank-oriented places as I was saddened to find out ElitistJerks doesn't exist anymore :')
  3. What is your previous raiding experience?
    I raided mainly as a Holy Priest (link) (priest class lead) during vanilla when Naxxramas had just come out.
    We did Molten Core, Zul'Gurub, Ahn'Qiraj, Onyxia's Lair but never got geared enough on time to do BWL or AQ properly.
    Since I was playing in a more laid-back raiding guild and on an RP realm to boot (Steamwheedle Cartel, holla) the most I managed to achieve was my Tier 0.5 gear set (grueling quest chain!) and Benediction/Anathema with one or two T1 pieces which I later got rid of after TBC launched and my bank was completely full of stuff >_<
    I was a founding member of a more progress oriented guild (Resonance) at the start of TBC with people from the disbanded second-best guild on the realm (Dragonslayers).
    During the expansion I was feeling facetious and re-rolled to a female Draenei hunter (link) for the heck of it and we went on to clear and farm Magtheridon's Lair, Karazhan, Gruul's Lair aaand then we got to Lady Vashj and Kael'thas.
    They were called Guild Killers and for good reason.
    Sadly it seemed that a bunch of our members couldn't cut it anymore and slowly but surely our guild bled members.
    After our guild imploded, a couple of us decided to transfer and after much looking around our GM found a guild here on Lightbringer (Born of Ashes).
    The same night we joined they took us on a trial run to SSC and TK.
    What we had been banging our heads on for months in our old guild we managed to do in one incredibly smooth raiding night... Everyone came prepared (Illidan would be proud).
    We grew homesick though and life got in the way so I ended up leaving and I guess the others did too eventually.
    I came back (different realm+faction) during TBC when Zul'Aman was out.
    That time I raided as a warlock and the second time I was gearing up my mage and did Zul'Aman with him. The bear mount eluded me by mere minutes. We kept trying but later it got removed. Darn.
    I was not in a raiding guild and wasn't that active anymore (real life again) so I missed out on the final couple of raids.
    I picked up WotLK after it had been out for a good while.
    I did experience Ulduar at the time it was progression content but ultimately I only stayed for 3 months total.
    I did try the later expansions but the longest I lasted in any of them, was one day.
    Bought Legion on a whim and OH MY GOD. So much feels right. I love the updates to the game overall and the quests are so engaging.
  4. We raid on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 21:00 to 23:30 server time. How many raids do you expect to attend per week?
    All of them.
  1. Why did you choose to apply to Easy?
    The urge to do progression raiding bit me once again and a real life friend I play with (Badtank, holla) told me about your guild.
    Competent, eager to learn new encounters, drama-free, adults, keeps in mind that real life happens to us all, has members that want to get the most out of their class and are never satisfied. It sounded like my kind of guild.
    I know you're full but I'm not losing anything by dropping off my application for consideration at a later time, even if it were on a Social basis to do regular content together. There's so much content I haven't experienced that that alone will be keeping me busy for the coming period. Legion content first because it's so much fun and I'm getting geared up as much as possible for more Heroics and soon Mythics.
    Who knows what the future might bring and opportunities arise all the time.
  2. Do you have any friends in Easy?
    Sadly no ;-) If I don't get invited in even on a Social basis I would love it if you (yes, you, the one reading this) hit me up for some fun. I'll gladly raise my shield for you. Ridden hard and put away wet. Just so I hone my Warrior skills even more.
  3. Have you been in other guilds and if so, why are you no longer in these guilds?
    I was in Thats What She Said for a short while because a friend was a member so I thought "hey, why not?". But he ended up leaving and I followed. I could have joined another buddy of mine in the guild he's in but I wanted some time guildless to think of what I wanted to do and look around which guild I truly wanted to join of my own accord and with a name that suits me a tad better.