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Strategies for ToES.
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LFR Cheat Sheets ToES

Post by Tan » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:31 pm


3 bosses -> kill order: Kaolan > Regail > Asani

start: 1T on Kaolan, 1T on Regail+Asani -> kill Kaolan

kill Regail while:
interrupt Lighting Bolt
dispel Lighting Prison
avoid rings of Lightning Storm

kill Asani while:
kill water globes, stand close to it when it dies
kill ball in the air before it reaches boss (or T move Asani away from ball)


2 phases Night - Day, switches after 2min.

T taunt after Shadow Breath (OT not stack on MT)
drop debuff stacks in Sunbeam
avoid voids -> otherwise dispel fear

T tank adds in front of Tsu
H stand in front of Tsu to get Sun Breath
Kill adds: Sha > Terrors > Frights


Kill only 1 Animated Protector (others just tanked+CC'd, despawn when 1 dies)
T switch right before adds summoned (cast Protect)
When thrown away, keep running towards boss, dps 4% off to end "Get Away"
When boss hides, look for signals and AoE dmg to make her appear again


Main Platform:
T stand in circle of light
H+Rdps stand in Wall of Light behind T
Mdps behind boss, run to Wall of Light when boss casts Breath of Fear (boss energy bar full)
Kill Terror Spawn adds
Run from voids

3 Side Platforms:
(5 random players thrown onto it)
Run from Spray (volley)
Pick up Globes
Run LoS from Death Blossom (behind pillars, not tank)
Kill add, when add is dead, click Golden Globe to return to Main Platform.
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