[Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Strategies for ToT.
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Re: [Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Post by Nihil » Fri May 10, 2013 7:11 am

I have few things to say.
Dropping lingering gazes in durumu on the inner circle is painful. People dont run in at all, and several times i was left trapped in there, and im sure i wasnt the only one :)
More importantly, tanks have to run in the inner path. Vrug is only one and personally having to aim heroic leap rigjht after running when the maze is still up and durumu will wipe us if he has no one in melee range would leave me with nightmares.

But we all have to realize that this is purely RNG fight. The kill will come after we practice and if we are lucky with the paths. So it may be an idea to decide on one working for everyone strat and practice it. Im sure kill will come within two raidnights after that :)

And watch the video! Fight is great and very doable if you have an idea what you should do, and they stress important things in TankSpot guide very nicely ;)

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Re: [Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Post by Vitki » Fri May 10, 2013 9:03 am

Rubluipine wrote:Not a bad night.
/agree. I'd like to add...

On lingering gaze (a major fail), DBM screams "Run away little girl, run away". You have quite a bit of time so what it should be saying is "Don't panic Mr Mannering" or "You have been targetted by Lingering Gaze; move quickly and calmly to an appropriate position to drop it." ;)

On the beams, despite fairly clear instructions it seems a little more clarification. People marked should move quickly to the appropriate raid markers. Once the cones appear:

Blue must stop (even if you don't reach the marker in time) and stay still.
Yellow should take up their assigned position (healers on blue, melee on yellow ranged on red)
Red should move around the platform in a clockwise direction... stopping when a Crimson Fog is revealed and staying still until it goes down. Keep a steady speed, some increase in speed would probably be useful when crossing through other beams (to reduce damage) - though not if a Fog is revealed.

On Eyesore, for me, I have to admit the outer ring is easiest. If we decide on this path permanently, then Pandaren's Step becomes the enchantment of choice for all those without natural speed boosts (and maybe even those as well).

Finally, I will be having a serious talk with my water elemental - threats will be employed - though I doubt it will do any good. ;)

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Re: [Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Post by GizmoDK » Fri May 10, 2013 9:14 am

Vitki wrote:Finally, I will be having a serious talk with my water elemental - threats will be employed - though I doubt it will do any good. ;)
I'd like to be there when that happens... I feel a comic strip coming up ;)

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Re: [Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Post by Rublupine » Fri May 10, 2013 10:07 am

Do it!

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Re: [Throne of Thunder] - Durumu the Forgotten (7)

Post by Fluttermouse » Wed May 15, 2013 7:26 pm

As an extra help for those running outer ring, stampeding roar should sort out anyone in danger of getting left behind. Would recommend you have 2 of these available where possible with one popping the second the path becomes visible and the second saved until either about halfway round, or someone getting close to getting sliced by the beam. If both myself and Adjoint are there, no problem otherwise it's definitely worth either another druid or (if worst comes to worst) making a dps warrior with symb run the outside - better to try and get the ranged and healers round than lose too many to the maze through struggling to keep up when there seems no way forward and you get caught by the beam.

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