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Re: [BOT] - Cho'gall

Post by Fluttermouse » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:46 pm

From the tries last night in 10 man, the point we were starting to get fairly good seemed to be the point at which I stayed on the boss and even ignored the large add (apart from dotting it on the way past) for the first 2 waves. My dps feels low for this fight, particularly if I have to move, but then I'm wearing something like 2/3 blues (I don't even have an epic weapon) and this is an end boss. That's at least partly fixable with the gear I'm waiting for from the front end of BWD. I'm still getting smacked by the odd shadow crash or two that I should be avoiding as well, so this fight feels like a bit of a nightmare at the moment from my end in terms of trying to avoid stuff and keep the dps at the same time.

Timing with the mages seemed to be a key factor as well on the small adds.

The technique working best seemed to be explode shrooms, then a case of timing hurricane and typhoon with the frost nova. As it's only possible to do one knockback due to the 20 second cooldown, doing that during frost nova is obviously a very bad idea. The slow on the hurricane seems to work well, but requires the adds to be fairly well grouped - the frost nova pins them down long enough for me to get a good placement on that, because of the speed they move. So essentially from my point of view this stage could take one of 2 forms

a) Explode Shrooms


b) Explode Shrooms
possible second hurricane

Ideally 25 man, I'd make the suggestion of having 2 groups of 3 (or more?) dealing with the adds. Split them so one group concentrates on the area in front of LHS of stairs and the other on the RHS. Obviously if you finish your side help out the group on the other side, but that might give a better damage spread and more control rather than people guessing where to drop their aoe.

In the case of interrupting the MCs, I'm not sure that typhoon was working at all on that. Not sure I can cast solar beam on my own head either, which is the only other instant spell I have that might interrupt.

If we have a second go at him tonight I may try a respec back into fungal growth. Doesn't really help on most other fights but the slow left behind by the shrooms may help and the only time my owlkin frenzy tends to proc on this fight anyway is generally when I'm standing in something I shouldn't.

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Re: [BOT] - Cho'gall

Post by Mehetabel » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:45 pm



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Re: [BOT] - Cho'gall

Post by Fungi » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:29 pm

Tanking Cho'gall on the throne is very useful for the eyestalk spawns. They spawn in LoS and the bones around the throne block his LoS. This allows for a lot of cleaves and AoE and extra dps.

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