Jeremy, Hunter (Marksmanship)

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Jeremy, Hunter (Marksmanship)

Post by Jeremy » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:18 am

    1. Character name: Jeremy
    2. Class: Hunter
    3. Mainspec: Marksmanship
    4. Offspec (do you actively play your offspec and do you have any experience raiding with your offspec?):BM but I do not actively play it
    5. Battletag: Paroxysm2721
    6. Armory link
    1. Name: Ben
    2. Age (approximately): 24
    3. Country: England
    4. Tell us something about yourself (hobbies or anything else you want to share with us) Train and actively fight in muay thai
    1. Why do you like playing this specific class and spec? I actively play holy paladin, vengeance DH and this hunter so I can fill every role as required. What attracts me to hunter is simply I feel I have better decision making when playing this role. As a result I'm able to correctly follow mechanics with minimal negative affect on optimal DPS output.
    2. What class/role specific resources do you read or use to improve your gameplay? (websites, blogs, etc) I frequently look up top performing hunters on and worldoflogs to compare their performances to myself. From a non-specific class resource I've found the addon ElitismHelper to be very useful in encouraging better play in mythic+.
    3. What is your previous raiding experience? In previous expansions I've always raided in top performing guilds. I was in EXODUS as a boomkin during Firelands in Cataclysm when they were top on horde and 3rd on server. I was in a guild called detonate after that on Khadgar who were a top 5 guild on that server, I was also in a guild called Reinvented during Legion launch which were a top 2 alliance guild on this server at the time until real life became a priority.
    4. We raid on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 21:00 to 23:30 server time. How many raids do you expect to attend per week? I can attend all the days as it stands however there may be the odd Monday or Sunday that I can not attend due to RL commitments.
  4. EASY
    1. Why did you choose to apply to Easy? I now have more free time and I recently returned to WoW and I'm hoping to get back into raiding. I find myself outperforming most similarly geared players from a DPS standpoint and massively outperforming most in terms of following mechanics in the misery that is the pug world. I'm looking for a group to play with who I know I can rely upon to follow mechanics correctly and who I can hopefully help progress. I understand in terms of gear I'm far behind the standard so I'd be willing to join social ranks until I can amend this. I'd be willing to run some mythic+ or lower difficulty raids with alts to see if I'm a good fit should you require.
    2. Do you have any friends in Easy? I haven't had the pleasure to meet anyone as of yet.
    3. Have you been in other guilds and if so, why are you no longer in these guilds? I briefly listed some guilds I was in over the years. I left EXODUS as I realm changed to play with friends and left detonate as I returned back to Aggramar a while later. Reinvented sadly ended up having an internal conflict between the officers which resulted in the guild splitting, I was also in final year of college and working at the time so real life got busy.

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Re: Jeremy, Hunter (Marksmanship)

Post by Erian » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:32 am

Good luck with the app. An /o will be along soon I think.
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Re: Jeremy, Hunter (Marksmanship)

Post by Tan » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:12 am

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your application!

Reading it through though, our guild might not be exactly what you're looking for...
Yes, we are a standing raiding guild, conquering Mythics 4 nights a week.
Yes, we have a steady progress with a vast group of regular and dedicated raiders.
But we might not be progressing as fast and as disciplined as you're hoping ;)

We'd love to have you in the guild, make no mistake. Your application is very promising and appealing. We just don't want you to be disappointed.

If you'd like to discuss this and see whether or not we are effectively what you're looking for, please contact an officer (Templaar, Rotkwa, Thesis, Irukandzji, Liria) in-game or reply in here :D

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