Frost Mage

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Frost Mage

Post by curtis7114 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:22 pm

[[/b]Elryldor - Frost Mage
    1. Character name: Elryldor
    2. Class: Mage
    3. Mainspec: Frost
    4. Offspec (do you actively play your offspec and do you have any experience raiding with your offspec?): Can offspec both arcane and fire would require some refining before raids.
    5. Battletag: curtis7114#2505
    6. Armory link: ... s/Elryldor
    1. Name: Tom
    2. Age (approximately): 20
    3. Country:United Kingdom (Wales)
    4. Tell us something about yourself (hobbies or anything else you want to share with us)
    Currently studying material engineering at university.
    1. Why do you like playing this specific class and spec?Mage is always my fantasy go too and the frost play style can be very rewarding when done correctly.
    2. What class/role specific resources do you read or use to improve your gameplay? (websites, blogs, etc)Icy veins all the way. reading things like most common mistakes. started simulating too.
    3. What is your previous raiding experience?Raided a little with you guys before, was absent through legion but have been around in this game for quite a few years now.
    4. We raid on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 21:00 to 23:30 server time. How many raids do you expect to attend per week?
    Have a pretty flexible schedule and so can attend as many as required but would love to get in to maybe 2.
  4. EASY
    1. Why did you choose to apply to Easy? I have been with you guys for a few years and find you all lovely so would love to actually jump into the team and hopefully starting clearing this content together.
    2. Do you have any friends in Easy?I have myself.
    3. Have you been in other guilds and if so, why are you no longer in these guilds?
All other guilds I have been in were too un-social for me.

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Re: Frost Mage

Post by Tan » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:42 pm

Hey Elryldor,

you'll have to undergo a full trial with us before you can become a full Raider. You'll be doing this with a couple of others.
See here what this entitles :)

Welcome to the team!
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