[declined] Minimage - Mage, Arcane

If you want to join <Easy> to raid, look here and fill the application template

[declined] Minimage - Mage, Arcane

Post by Minimage » Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:47 pm

1. What's your:
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Level: 70
Name: Minimage

2. Why did you pick this combination of race and class?
I choosed this class as when i played with a friend when i was priest the aoe'ing, sheeping and the damage made me want a character like that, and thats why my mage got born 3 years ago on boulderfist realm. Choosing a gnome was just randomly, though my brother made a girl gnome with pig tails and pink hair, so i wanted to look cute so that my powers didnt show to much :P

3. What's the best thing about your character?
I love the crowd controll and the fun a mage actually makes this game, always have a spec that is good for farming, pvp and instancing. People asking for water and food in whispers as i liked to help others (atleast before table was introduced)
And the role a mage has in raids is making it more fun, as when most classes just spams 1 button, mages has the possiblity to aoe dmg when needed, sheeps when needed and to do very good dps

4. What do you want from Easy?
I want to raid, progress through BT and eventually see SWP before WOTLK comes and you guys seems to be a stable guild that has members for raids.

5. What have you got to offer?
I can offer a raid veteran that has played mage since not long before AQ40 was released, that brings consumables, potions and flasks for raids, reading tactics for new bosses and that comes to farm raids for others even if i got what i need / want from the different places.

6. Are you willing to play by easy standards and according to easy rules?
Yes, if the site part with the rules doesnt fail to be shown (do i have to login or something?)

7. What is your experience in Wow? Do you have any other characters? If so, tell us something about them please.
ZG cleared
AQ20 cleared
MC cleared
BWL cleared (even have T2 gear still for showoff :D)
Onyxia cleared
AQ40 cleared
Naxxramas 11 bosses down

Karazhan cleared
Gruul's lair cleared
Magtheridons lair cleared
Zul'Aman 6/6 2nd chest - Edited by DoG
Tempest Keep 3/4
Serpentshrine Caverns 6/6
Mount Hyjal 2/5
Black Temple 3/9

so as you can see, im about as raid experienced as you guys are, and ready to progress further on.

I also have a horde warlock 70, druid 70 and priest 70, played the druid and priest some pre-tbc, but was when i made the mage that i got burned into wow and became a hardcore raider as it was so much more fun to be a mage compared to priest and druid. The lock was made before tbc, but reached 70 earlier this year and i pve'ed with it in SSC. But their all hordes so they arent that much of use for an alliance guild except too be able to gank :P

8. How many evenings do you play in a week and from when to when (approximately)?
I play everyday and now that im starting to study i will be playing from around 17:00 - 23:30, might be later some days as i gotta fit in some studying aswell

9. Have you been in other guilds?
As im gonna migrate too lightbringer if i get in i havent been in any there yet

10. What is your age? 23

11. Can you understand spoken English well? Do you have ventrilo, do you have a mic?
I understand english spoken very well and ask if there is something i dont understand. I have all versions of ventrilo so thats not a problem, and i got a microphone that im willing to use, but im mostly a good listener :)

12. Which heroics keys do you have? What is the link to your armory profile?
As i got my mage to 70 first i farmed all instances to revered to get attuned for heroics (when revered was needed to do them) so i got all heroic keys there is.
Here is my armoryhttp://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n=Minimage

13. What are the names of your alts on lightbringer, so that we can contact you?
I havent made any alt there yet, but ill make one if your interrested in me too migrate.

Hoping for a fast answer and that your not full on mages :p




Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Minimage » Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:50 pm

forgot to write that i migrated too darksorrow from boulderfist, and as i cant edit i have to write it in this new post

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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Cilithan » Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:54 pm

Hi Minimage,

Thank you for your nice application. We'll discuss it and get back to you as soon as possible. Watch this space.

Regards, Cilithan
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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Aicha » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:08 am

About the rules thing: I think the link on the website is still linking to the old (hacked and destroyed) forums.
Thanks for the pointer, I'll get the gnome(s) in our technical department on the case. :)
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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Bagheeris » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:10 am

Hello Minimage,
Thanks for a nice application. There is a point which might be worth clarifying:
Minimage wrote:4. What do you want from Easy?
I want to raid, progress through BT and eventually see SWP before WOTLK comes and you guys seems to be a stable guild that has members for raids.
We are always more happy if an applicant wants to join us for something more than just a pure progress. As a guild, we are proud of our core values, which come before progress. Unfortunately the respective old web page is not accessible and the new is on private part of forums, o I've taken the liberty of quoting it here:
As a guild we have relatively high standards. High standards considering the skill involved, but even higher standards regarding the social aspects of the game.

We are part of <Easy> because we like gaming in a friendly community, and because we like raiding. We aim to improve our play as a team as well as as an individual. We have a mature community, this shows in the average age but more so in the behaviour of our members.

<Easy> members are expected to behave in a friendly, respectful and compassionate way, in other words, as sensible adults. We interact in limited ways (through short text messages and though Vent-channels), we can't see face to face and the difficulty in timing of responses hampers a natural way of relating to each other. We ask of <Easy> members to take this into account when gaming together.

Be patient. When not clear about another's intentions, ask for an explanation before you respond. Also, we have nights where we wipe, a lot. This is taxing upon the patience of all involved, try and keep a positive and constructive attitude.

Be courteous. This also means that we ask you to refrain from using harsh or indecent language. Someone may take offense, which is plenty reason to be civil. Courtesy is also to let someone finish what he or she is saying over Vent and to try to not interrupt each other. Curtecy is also to arrive in time for a Raid and to be ready and in front of the instance if possible, don't keep people waiting unnecessarily.

Be respectful. Respectful to fellow gamers, but also towards those who try to organize/manage things in <Easy>. Raid Leaders aim to make a Raid as fun and rewarding as possible for all present. Raid Leading can be stressful at times, try to understand and try to empathize. When your don't agree with decisions being made by either Raid Leaders or Management, let them know, but try to be civil and constructive about it.

<Easy> members aim to improve upon themselves. This means we should be willing to ask for and receive feedback from other players. This may sometimes feel like negative criticism. Try to have an open mind when receiving feedback, listen to the advice, think it over. Try not to respond in anger or defense immediately.

There is a flip side to this. <Easy> members should strive to help others improve upon themselves. This involves running an instance or even a battleground with a Guildie to help him or her to get that piece of loot. This also involves giving feedback; when asked for, but also spontaneous. When giving feedback, be it about play or other aspects of the game, assume the other person has given thought to the subject at hand. Try not to be demeaning, but try to be constructive in your imput. Have patience when the recipient appears to take offence and try to explain in a different way what you mean.

Be polite and courteous to non-guildies! You have the <Easy> tag over your head and you should act accordingly. Don't call players names in BG's - even though they behave insanely stupid - but ignore them instead. Don't spam the trade channel, don't yell insults at someone being annoying, appologize when you accidentally ninja-pulled a quest mob form a fellow gamer in the area, etc...

These guidelines are necessary when we want to make <Easy> a place where we can all feel at home and enjoy gaming together. Please aim to play by them.

Addendum: Regretfully the following statement has shown to be necessary in the recent past:

Threats, racism, bullying, blackmailing and other behaviour that it criminal or borders on it, will absolutely not be tolerated in <Easy> and will be acted on with severe measures.

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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Fungi » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:30 am

I took a peek at your spec a bit and I noticed it's 17/0/44 at the moment. I only assume this is because you're pvp specced at the moment ? Your gear however is PvE gear, so I'm a bit confused (I'm always a bit confused, but this time it's for the reason of the spec not matching the outfit :P).

Could you please link us your normal PvE spec or tell us if this is your current PvE spec ?

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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Giruy » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:55 am

The spec has indeed changed Fungi from the initial date of the application, was Fire specced then.
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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Minimage » Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:50 pm

Yeah, i went frost pvp spec for arena yesterday so i dont have the usual spec, i have 2/48/11 which is the fire haste spec


Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Minimage » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:03 pm

Fixxed the armory so that it showes my pve gear, and my spec will be like this http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=obZxgMzfcIkeRtbA00o

though, i just noticed that you guys aint on a pvp realm.....so i dunno if i will be migrating there afterall even if i get in as a normal server just aint my thing im afraid :(, should of checked this better before i wrote the application.

sorry for wasting your time

Best regards


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Re: Crossrealm application minimage lvl70 mage

Post by Giruy » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:40 pm

Ah, sad to hear Minimage,

I even set up a toon on your server so we could have a chat if i caught you on, was afraid to leave the starting area incase i got ganked :D

Best wishes from Easy though and we hope you find a nice guild.


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