[declined] Harminger - Warrior, Fury

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[declined] Harminger - Warrior, Fury

Post by Harminger » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:56 pm

Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Level: 70
Name: Harminger

Why this race and Class?
I pivked human for the sword spec and the extra rep :), the reason for the warrior, i enjoy all melee classes but the warrior stood the most out for me.

Best thing about me?
I can put out high DPS and Damage and have a high chance of surviability

What do i want from Easy?
I want a good stable raiding guild in BT and MH, who know what there doing and how to do it. A guild who strive to get there goals.

What have i got to offer?
High DPS and Damage, A good laugh :P and a very hard willing person who puts 110% into raiding and getting where we need to get. I bring all self buffs, food flasks etc and repair bills are no problem :)

Am i willing to play by easy standards and according to easy rules?
Of course rules are everything in raiding guilds without them guilds would crumble over moaners. I abide all rules and stick to them with no questions.

What is my experience in Wow?
Kara - Cleared
SSC - Cleared
TK - Cleared
ZA - Cleared
BT - Cleared
MH - Cleared
SW - Everything but Muru and Kiljaden

Do i have any other characters?, tell us something about them please.
Yes i do, i have a T6 Shaman in some SW gear and i raided with him in Born of Ashes till they disbanded, then i xferred to Eternal Gathering on Doomhammer, i came back here but i dropped the shaman and started playing my warrior again. Now i am looking for a good solid raiding team/guild on my warrior.

How many evenings do i play in a week and from when to when (approximately)?
I play usualy from 3PM - whenever im tired about 1AM

Have i been in other guilds?
Yes, Born of ashes
Eternal Gathering

Age - 18

I am half English half Spanish, but i speak full English ive forgotten Spanish since i moved to England when i was 3 years old :O, grew up in England in Hartlepool, so i speak full fluent English, yes i have Ventrillo and TS both a must have for raiding, and i have a good quality working microphone which im not scarred of talking on vent :)

Which heroics keys do i have?
All keys
What is the link to my armory profile?
I will link both my shammy and Warrior but to be clear I am NOT applying with the shaman.
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... =Harminger
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... n=Chainlol

The names of my Alt shaman in Chainlol as you can see above :)

Thanks for your time in this application, feel free to contact me in game for any questions.


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Re: Fury Warrior

Post by Lanfear » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:33 pm

Hello there Harminger.

Your application looks pretty nice. You apperently have the knowledge needed for our rate of progress, and your character seems prepared enough for it. There's one easy upgrade you can get, and that's the badge mainhand, to match your offhand, otherwise your gear is mostly comparable with what I have (me beeing the least geared fury in the guild however).

The biggest problem as I see it, is that we atm have 3 raiding Fury Warriors. I see this as your major obsticale here atm.

Thank you for your application, and an officer will get back on you how they judge the participation of our Fury Warriors atm.

Good Luck with your application!
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Re: Fury Warrior

Post by Guest » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:55 pm

Ok thanks for the info :)

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Re: Fury Warrior

Post by Giruy » Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:20 am

Hi Harminger,

Thank you for the application, as Lanfear has stated the major obstacle is that we are full on dps warriors at this time. I also dont think this is likely to change anytime soon.

All the best from <Easy> in finding a nice guild to your liking.


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