Application Template [READ FIRST]

If you want to join <Easy> to raid, look here and fill the application template
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Application Template [READ FIRST]

Post by Xiluva » Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:43 am

Easy is an alliance guild on Lightbringer, created on the server's day 1. It is a guild focused on fun and end game content. We have cleared all TBC content except Sunwell. In WotLK Naxx and Sartharion + 2D are cleared, and in Ulduar we have cleared up to Vezax. We have presently around 50 fairly active raiding members. The average age of Easy players is around 30 years old.

We take gaming seriously. We assume you do too, if you want to join this guild. We play when we want, but when we play, we play well and are focused. This attitude also goes for how we deal with applications and what we expect of an application. Answering the question 'Are you willing to play by Easy standards?' is not to be taken lightly: we want to know whether you fit into Easy, but also why you want to be part of Easy as opposed to any other guild. An application that shows effort is taken more seriously than one that does not.

Easy members help each other to become good players. We are a guild built on trust, attitude and friendship. We raid to have fun, we band together to succeed. We want to be able to master all instances Blizzard will create in this world, but we are not in a hurry. The most important part is to have fun gaming together.

There is one thing that we expect of our members, and that is that they are skilled and want to improve as well as help others improve. Giving and receiving feedback is hard, but if we can do it Easy style, it will mean it makes us better as a guild and as individual players.

Classes we would like to see apply:

Updated 29/06/09:
Recruitment is OPEN for following roles/classes:

  • 1 x Druid
  • 2 x Paladin
  • 1 x Death Knight

  • 1 x Priest
  • 1 x Warrior
  • 1 x Warlock
  • 1 x Druid (Balance)
  • 1 x Rogue

Recruitment for healers is closed.
However we are willing to consider exceptional applicants from the following:
  • 1 x Holy Paladin
  • 1 x Resto Shaman

We do not rush to fill vacant spots. We offer a test run to applicants we think will fit into our guild, and after a nice testrun, we hold a two-week trial period. The aim is to preserve our friendly Easy atmosphere, as well as to check that your gear and play are good. 25-men raiding experience is considered a pré. We appreciate it when applicants take an effort in writing their application. Showing you care about raiding also means you present your Character with gear Enchanted and Gemmed in a suitable fashion.

We restrict the number of triallists to three. If there are more than three vacant spots and more than three applicants, some of you will need to wait. We are sorry about that, but it damages our atmosphere if we have too many new faces in the guild at any given time.

We review our class balance and needs periodically. Feel free to write an application at any time, but understand that we may not have room for you immediately.


Important: you don't have to create a forum account to make your application. Due to severe spam attacks and sinister looking attempts at registering accounts, the only accounts that will be activated are those from people who have already posted their application as guests.

So please make a post on this forum answering the following questions:

1. What's your race, class, level, name, spec
2. Why did you pick this combination of race and class?
3. What's the best thing about your character?
4. What do you want from Easy?
5. What have you got to offer?
6. Are you willing to play by easy standards and according to easy rules?
7. What is your experience in Wow? Do you have any other characters? If so, tell us something about them please.
8. How many evenings do you play in a week and from when to when (approximately)?
9. Have you been in other guilds?
10. What is your age?
11. Can you understand spoken English well? Do you have ventrilo, do you have a mic?
12. What is your Armory Profile link?
13. What is your Pug Checker link?
14. What is your Be.Imba link?
15. What is your Guild History link?
16. What are the names of your alts on lightbringer, so that we can contact you?

If you put little effort into writing your application, we will put little effort into rejecting it.
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