[declined] Jazzgot - Warrior, Protection

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[declined] Jazzgot - Warrior, Protection

Post by Guest » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:40 pm

1. What's your race, class, level, name
Jazzgot, level 70 dwarf, warrior
2. Why did you pick this combination of race and class?
I chose dwarf becouse he have stoneform and imo its best class for tank.
3. What's the best thing about your character?
He have realy nice tank stuff + dps stuff good for maggy/gruul + tk/ssc start, also have eng/mining ;]
4. What do you want from Easy?
Good and friendly relaction with other players and active raiding with nice peoples ;]--> MH/BT(swp ?)
5. What have you got to offer?
Much of time, help to other players, all things what i have in my specialisations and ofc Tanking ;]
6. Are you willing to play by easy standards and according to easy rules?
Yes, i will
7. What is your experience in Wow? Do you have any other characters? If so, tell us something about them please.
My experience in WoW - Fully all hero, Kara, Za,Gruul,Maggy,killed 4 of 6 bosses in SSC, 3/4 TK, 4/5 MH , 1/9 BT ( my guild never go more ) but i learn realy fast ;].
Already i have only 61 shadow priest ( herb/alch ).
8. How many evenings do you play in a week and from when to when (approximately)?
I can play all days of weeks ( ofc something party can happen or something else ;] ) but basicly i want raiding always when i can.
9. Have you been in other guilds?
10. What is your age?
11. Can you understand spoken English well? Do you have ventrilo, do you have a mic?
My english isin`t realy realy realy good but i understand all ..Ventrilo - no , Mic - Yes.
12. Which heroics keys do you have? What is the link to your armory profile?
All keys, http://www.armory-light.com/eu/Lightbringer/Jazzgot/
13. What are the names of your alts on lightbringer, so that we can contact you?
Already Yeyo but wanna change it.

Thanks for ready my application, Peace.

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Re: Jazzgot - Warrior Tank

Post by Giruy » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:47 pm

Hi Jazzgot,

Our tank department is currently full and unlikely to change any time soon.

Best wishes from Easy in finding a guild to your liking.


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