LFR Cheat Sheets HoF

Strategies for HoF.
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LFR Cheat Sheets HoF

Post by Tan » Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:06 pm


When Exhale, T stand in beam

3 platforms, switch when boss -20%
-spiral orbs
-yellow shield to hide (no restriction)
-dps 3 MC'd to 50%

Ph2 @40%: pulled to center, same stuffz


Rdps spread around edges (8yd.)
Avoid whirlwinds
Stack on Arrowed player, then spread again

Ph2 @20%:
Run to boss in corridor, twice
Dodge tornadoes


Rdps on Boss, Mdps on Legs and STACK close to Leg
D1 pulls boss, gets fixated -> Run to edge to drop puddles till 20 stacks (Pungency) -> Give fixate to D2
DONT stand UNDER boss (purple circle)
2T in front of boss stacked


CC 2 Menders, 1Blademaster, 1Trapper
Kill 1Mender (skull) > 1Blademaster (cross) > 1Trapper (shared health pools)
Right click trapped players
Drop Resin at edge
Interrupt Heal from Mender
Mass Dispel Quickening
When boss faces you, run from Whirling Blade
Avoid Bombs


Drop Amber Scalpel puddles at edge -> kill spawned slimes
Killed slime leaves Burning Amber Puddle
Minimal heals on players with Parasitic Growth rebuff
Only kill Construct when it's a Tank

Ph2 @70%:
Kill big add
Taunt when Tank gets thrown

Ph3 when Big add is dead:
Dps boss

When you turn into a CONSTRUCT (=vehicle):
Keep your Will Power up, when Will Power =0, you're DEAD
4 buttons:
1= Attack boss + Interrupt Amber Explosion on Big add
2= Interrupt own Amber Explosion !!! (watch your own bar!)
3= Drink from puddles to get Will Power up
4= Exit vehicle when Will Power is almost 0 (you can only exit if health < 20% !!

For LFR, only use button 1 & 2


Tank taunts @4 (Eyes...)
Kill 1 of 2 Shields (mark with Skull), stand inside to dps it, go outside to get heals or when it goes BOOOOM
When you get Cry of Terror debuff, you MUST stand inside shield

Ph2 after 2,5mins.:
Split adds between tanks and dps: Windblade > 2Reavers
Interrupt Dispatch
Run when fixated

Create TRAPS:
Run to puddle to get Sticky Resin
Sticky Resin + Sticky Resin = PATCH
PATCH + 3 more Sticky Resin = TRAP

(not for LFR)

Ph1 again when adds are dead or 2,5mins.
Rinse Repeat till 30%

Ph3 when 30%:
Tanks avoid Consuming Terror (otherwise fear!)
Run out when Visions of Demise debuff / get dispelled after 4s.
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