Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

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Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Essa » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:23 am

Hi folks,

I've found your guild advert on Bnet forums, while looking for a new home. Glad to meet you all, and without further ado - here's my application:
    1. Character name: Essavia
    2. Class: Druid
    3. Mainspec: Currently Resto, open to switching to Balance in BfA.
    4. Offspec (do you actively play your offspec and do you have any experience raiding with your offspec?): Balance. Was my main raid spec in MoP during SoO.
    5. Battletag: Sundance#21127
    6. ... er/essavia
    1. Name: Nick.
    2. Age (approximately): 34.
    3. Country: Russia.
    4. Tell us something about yourself (hobbies or anything else you want to share with us):
      I'm married, have a 2,5 year old son. I've been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember - starting from Atari 2600 and SNES, onwards to my first 486 PC. My favorite genre is RPG, especially isometric games from the olden days - Fallout 1&2, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, etc. My WoW "career" started in late 2005, and I've been hooked since then with couple major breaks (more on that in raiding exp section).

      Other than that - I'm a pretty relaxed and friendly person. No drama, no BS, can take and give a joke.
    1. Why do you like playing this specific class and spec?
      I like Druid for number of things: access to stealth, instant travel forms, general mobility, versatility, class lore and aesthetics. Resto is favorite healing spec, and I played them all at one point or another (except Priest), because of high mobility and it's predictive rather than reactive mechanic. Balance was great fun in MoP, but in Legion spec feels butchered both mechanic and performance wise. From What I've seen so far - it looks much more fun in BfA. I don't like Feral and Guardian.
    2. What class/role specific resources do you read or use to improve your gameplay? (websites, blogs, etc) - fantastic resource for RDruids. Also Wowhead and Icy Veins.
    3. What is your previous raiding experience?
      Classic: All except original Naxx. AQ40 till C'Thun.
      TBC: Everything. Sunwell till Muru iirc.
      Wrath: Naxx, OS, EoE, partially Ulduar. This is where I took first long WoW break.
      Cata: FL and DS.
      MoP: Everything, full Mythic SoO.
      WoD: I did not raid in WoD and eventually went on another long break, since firstborn.
      Legion: Came back around Dec 2017, so raided only AtBT (3/11M).
    4. We raid on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 21:00 to 23:30 server time. How many raids do you expect to attend per week?
      2-3 raids a week.
  4. EASY
    1. Why did you choose to apply to Easy?
      I have recently transferred over to Lightbringer, and was looking for a guild on the forums. This is how I found Easy, and after reading through "What is Easy?" and guild rules I decided to apply. I'm not looking for cutting edge level progress, but for a nice community that enjoys playing together and downing bosses in a friendly atmosphere.
    2. Do you have any friends in Easy?
    3. Have you been in other guilds and if so, why are you no longer in these guilds?
      AnV on Frostmane. Joined sometimes after getting back in the game earlier this year and left couple of weeks ago because of work schedule conflicts.
      Way, way before that (during MoP) - Indecisive on Emerald Dream.
Thanks for reading through this wall of text, and I'll be looking forward to your reply =)


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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Ramael » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:32 am

Hey Nick, very nice application. I'm sure an officer will be here shortly. Good luck. :)

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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Vitki » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:02 am

Hi, :) great application... good luck with it.

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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Rotkwa » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:40 pm

Hello Essa,

Thanks for applying. Please contact any Officer in game for a chat (Templaar, Nephesh, Rotkwa). I’ll be available via bnet from tomorrow morning, so feel free to drop a note there (Rotkwa#2896).

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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Smitetor » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:55 pm

best of luck with the app
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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Essa » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:34 pm

Thank you for the kind welcome and your wishes guys =)

Sure, Rotkwa, unless I'll see someone in game later tonight - I'll ping you via Bnet tomorrow (already added).

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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Aleila » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:18 pm

Lovely app, hope to see you in /g soon! :D
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Re: Essavia Resto\Balance Druid

Post by Mehetabel » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:27 pm

Really nice app, good luck! :D

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