Rules Guild Rules

Guild rules are listed in the sections below. <Easy>'s focus is on fairness, consistency, and transparency. This means we have slightly more rules and guidance for our members, but we rely less on one or more individuals to make decisions based on their personal judgements.

Our rules are divided into the following sections; click the headings to view the details on the corresponding rules.

  1. Code of Conduct

    All members of Easy are expected to behave as civilised adults, to treat others with respect, not to bring the guild into disrepute, and to have fun. This is formalised in our Code of Conduct.

  2. Ranks, Promotion, and Demotion

    The guild has many ranks, and their purpose and associated privileges and duties are described here.

  3. Raiding

    Easy has additional specific rules concerning raiding in general, and additional expectations for guild raiders.

  4. Loot

    Loot from guild raids is allocated using Personal Loot. This section of the rules gives details on loot distribution works.

  5. Signups, Sorry Points, and Activity

    Easy has a unique system of Sorry Points developed to allocate raid spots as fairly as possible. This section of rules describes how our raid groups are formed, how Sorry Points are earned and spent, and how Easy monitors the raiding activity of our members to confer bonuses to more active players..

  6. Recruitment and Trial

    All matters concerning recruitment and the evaluation of applicants are covered in this section. In addition, it includes the process for seeking a promotion of rank from within the guild.

  7. Miscellaneous: Alts, Guild Bank, Leaving Easy

    These rules cover Alts, the role of the Guild Bank, and appropriate procedure for leaving the guild.