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  • DKP is the currency which is earned by players for participating in raids, and is spent to acquire loot from bosses in those raids. It is awarded and spent on a per-player basis. Different characters of the same player share the same DKP pool.
  • DKP is earned from both focus raids of both Heroic and Mythic difficulty. A "focus raid" is defined to be any raid to a destination that is the current focus for guild progression - typically, this is the current tier of Heroic content.
  • The DKP system only applies to Easy raids. Joint raids or PuGs are not expected to follow this system, and a /roll system is typically used. For Easy raids with small numbers of non-Easy participants, DKP is not awarded to guest raiders but they are entitled roll for any loot not needed by guild members.
  • Officers reserve the right to reset the DKP system. Usually this will only occur at major content changes, such as expansions, or following major changes to the DKP system.
  1. Earning

    • DKP is earned for:
      • Signing to a focus raid: 2 DKP
      • Attending a focus raid: 2 DKP
      • Progress bonus: 4 DKP
        Note: This bonus is awarded for attempting/killing progress bosses, and applies until the boss has been killed 3 times.
      • First kill bonus: 2 DKP, only applies once per raid.
  2. Spending

    • Master Looting duties are shared among raid members by assigning it to a random guild raider at the start of each raid.
    • When loot is to be distributed, the Master Looter declares an item for bidding.
    • Bidding starts at the appropriate minimum bid (or lower if a player is bidding all their DKP).
    • Minimum bids are:
      • Main toon+main spec: 15 DKP
      • Off-spec or alt toon: 0 DKP
      • Note: Off-spec or alt bids on raid loot are only accepted at the discretion of officers after the point that disenchanting the items has no value to the guild.
      • Duplicate tier tokens: 5 DKP
      • Note: this does not apply to your first tier item in a given slot, only to subsequent tokens of the same tier and slot where there is a chance of obtaining a upgrade item for the same slot.
    • Subsequent bids should be in increments of 5. The exception to this being when spending all of your remaining DKP (going "all in"), which need not be a multiple of 5.
    • In the case of equal bids the first bidder has priority.
    • The player with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item and is deducted the amount of DKP equal to their last bid.
    • Penalty for overspending DKP: -4SP
      Note:"Overspending" is defined as outbidding someone who could afford the item when you cannot, and the item cannot be transferred.
    • Players can withdraw their bids at any point.
    • Players can only spend DKP earned before the raid. It is not possible to spend DKP earned/to be earned during the current raid.
    • To best benefit the guild, a loot hierarchy applies where bids from players at a higher tier automatically outbid those at a lower tier regardless of amount. In descending order of priority, the hierarchy is:
      1. Raider main-spec
      2. Trialist main-spec
      3. All Others
  3. Special Items

    • Single-item legendary items are treated as normal drops and follow standard looting and DKP bidding rules.
    • Legendary fragments which are not personal loot are treated as normal loot for the first fragment, and all subsequent fragments go to the first winning player.
    • Crafting reagents are distributed as normal via DKP in appropriately-size sets of orbs (usually the minimum number required to craft an item).
    • Cosmetic items such as mounts and novelty trinkets follow standard looting and DKP bidding rules.
  4. Bidding Etiquette

    • Know how much DKP you have before bidding; halting the looting while you go and check is not acceptable.
    • Do not bid on items for vanity or for a spec you don't have/won't play unless there are no other bids; it could be an upgrade to someone.
    • Know what you need from every boss - halting the bidding while you check spreadsheets is an unnecessary interruption.
    • Do not use chat (any channel) or mumble during looting periods unless you are the Master Looter or are bidding on an item.