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  • All loot is personal loot to do with as you please. The guild does not control or direct loot distribution.
  • To avoid chaotic public distribution of unwanted loot items within the raid, a raid member is nominated as Master Looter to coordinate any redistribution of items.
  • Master Looting duties are shared among raid members by assigning it to a random guild raider at the start of each raid.
  • When players want unwanted loot items to be distributed, the items are linked to the Master Looter.
  • The Master Looter announces each item, and any player interested in that item is invited to roll (/roll).
  • The player with the highest roll wins the item.
  • In the case of tied highest rolls, the tied players re-roll for that item until one player wins.
  • Any items unwanted by the raid that are able to be Disenchanted will be, and the shards will be sent to the Guild Bank.