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  1. Calendar signups

    • When signing for a raid, each player is given a number on the event calendar - the calendar roll. which is a random number between 0.000 and 1.000
    • The calendar roll is composed of the following components:
      1. A random number between 0.000 and 1.000
      2. plus any current Sorry Points (SP)
      3. plus a value between -0.5 and 0.25 depending on how active a raider the player is (see Activity)
      4. plus 0.1 if the player signed up before 120 minutes before the event start time.
    • Players of rank 'Test Member' or above are placed into the priority list of signups. All other players are placed in the Backup list of signups.
    • Players of rank 'Backup Raider' can spend 1 SP to move themselves from Backup signup list to Main signup list.
    • Where possible, raid spots are filled from the priority list of signups. Any remaining raid spots are then filled from the Backup list (or potentially any online member or guest) where appropriate and at the Raid Leader's discretion.
    • Raid spots are allocated by giving priority to the players with the highest value of their calendar roll, and to players raiding in their main role.
  2. Raid invite status

    During raid composition, each player signed up to the raid will be assigned one of four possible statuses:
    • In - You're in the raid!
    • Out - You're rolled out of the raid! You may receive some SP as compensation (see below).
    • Noshow You didn't show up! You may lose some SP as penalty, and you will be unsigned from the raid.
    • Withdraw - You were rolled in, but chose to give up your spot for someone else. In this case, please note:
      • Only players who are "In" may chose to "Withdraw". It is a violation of Guild rules to request or demand that another player withdraws.
      • The vacated spot is offered to the next eligible player according to the usual invite rules. The withdrawing player does not get to choose who gets their spot.
      • If there are no such players or none of the eligible rolled-out players wants the spot, the Withdrawing player is rolled In and joins the raid. Withdrawing is not a soft version of unsigning; if you signup you commit to and should expect to raid and if you do not actually want to raid then you should unsign.
  3. Sorry Points

    • Sorry Points (SP) are Easy's way of compensating players who were rolled out of raids and penalising those who don't show up. Sorry Points are added to the signup /roll to boost or lower the chances of getting into a raid.
    • SP are awarded and spent on a per-player basis.
    • SP are awarded and deducted at the following rates:
      • Player rolled out: 2 SP
      • Player was a no-show): -2 SP
      • Signing for a raid which was cancelled: 1 SP
        Note: This is not awarded if the player already has 2 or more SP.
      • Player late for raid invites: -1 SP
      • Player rolled in:
        • Player has SP<0: 1 SP
        • Player has 0 SP: no change
      • Player unsigns from raid:
        • After singups close, before invites: -1 SP
        • After raid invites: -2 SP
        • Otherwise: no change
      • Player abandons a raid without warning, while the raid is still in progress: -6SP
    • Players with positive SP can spend 1 Sorry Point on a raid of their choosing to increase their calendar roll for that raid by 1.000. This is done by clicking the 'Add a Sorry Point' button on the event calendar. SP spent in this manner is not refundable, except in the event that the raid is cancelled.
    • Eligibility and earning SP:
      • Only players who signed up for the raid are eligible for SP.
      • Only players of rank Backup Raider or above are eligibile for SP.
      • Players of rank 'Test Member' earn all of the stated SP.
      • Players of rank 'Backup Raider' but below 'Test Member' earn 50% of the stated SP.
    • Maximum SP:
      • Players of rank 'Test Member' can have a maximum of 6 SP.
      • Players of rank 'Backup Raider' but below 'Test Member' can have a maximum of 4 of the stated SP.
      • Sorry Points will not be awarded to a player if they are already at this maximum value.
  4. Activity

    • Every raider has an activity level which is their average raid attendance over the previous 10 raids.
    • Activity is recalculated daily.
    • Only planned 'focus' raids count towards a player's Activity. Fun raids and raids to legacy content (planned as 'FFA') do not count for Activity.
    • Activity has 4 levels:
      • Inactive - Activity < 25%
      • Irregular - 25% < Activity < 50%
      • Regular - 50% < Activity < 70%
      • Hyperactive - Activity > 70%
    • Only active raiding players are monitored for raiding activity.
    • New raiders and trialists are exempt from activity calculations for their first 3 weeks in the guild.
    • Your activity can be viewed on your Personal page. A detailed summary of your activity can be viewed by clicking on the View History button ().
    • A player's Activity level adds a small activity-based SP buff/debuff to their random roll on the calendar when signing for an event:
      • Inactive: -0.5
      • Irregular: -0.25
      • Regular: 0
      • Hyperactive: 0.25